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Media4us reaches 5 million European readers

Tuesday 20 November 2012 | editor Media4us

On Tuesday 20 November 2012 a unique and major diversity project was executed in Europe.

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In seven EU member states, migrant journalists produced eight inlays (8 pages) to the free METRO news papers in the UK, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherland, Hungary, Belgium (French and Dutch). All eight inlays were available for free to more than 5 million readers. In some of the countries it is for the first time that migrants have an own voice in the mainstream media. The project is being executed by Mira Media in the Netherlands in cooperation with its transnational partners: Media Animation & Kifi Kif in Belgium, Multicultural Centre Prague in Czech Republic, Grimme Institut in Germany, Subjective Values in Hungary, COSPE in Italy, Glocal Community Voice in Sweden partners.

Have a look at all eight 'Perspectives' inlays :


Perspectives Belgium (Dutch-speaking)

Perspectives Belgium (French-speaking)

Perspectives Czech Republic

Perspectives Hungary

Perspectives Italy

Perspectives Netherlands

Perspectives Sweden

Perspectives United Kingdom

Source: Media4US

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Perspectives is the international website for the Media4us project. Media4us offers ethnic groups in Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and UK the opportunity to express their visions on integration and participation. Media4us is co-financed by the European Integration Fund.
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